Efficient guiding and informing in retail spaces

See how the equipment of your business premises influences customers.


Retail space equipment

Can you imagine a car dealership with empty walls and without any other visual cues? To the visitor, it would come across as unreliable and untrustworthy. If they didn't really furnish the property, they could rent it to someone else overnight. Will they even be here next week?

It's no coincidence that bank branches are usually found in impressive buildings with massive columns, large doors, and marble floors. Before we trust our money to someone, we must be confident that we are doing business with a stable and reliable company. Retail spaces are no different - it has to be evident that the provider has devoted care and effort into furnishing them. The marketing communication in retail floors must show the pride that the company feels for the products it offers, and provide additional arguments to support the customers' buying decision.

Office space equipment

The atmosphere in office spaces might not directly influence customers, but it certainly influences your employees and visitors. Employees are more productive in thoughtfully laid out spaces with modern furnishings, where the signs and descriptions of the products and services of the company remind the employees of the mission of the company, even though they may not be in daily contact with customers or products.

Promotional signs and stands are usually displayed inside your business premises while the walls are decorated with frames or panels that emphasize the benefits that the company offers its customers. This way even the employees in accounting, logistics and other departments are constantly reminded of the company's mission and customer problems that it solves.


Can you remember the last time you visited an office building where the departments or companies were not suitably marked?. When people visit your business premises, they make an effort to be on time, but they loose precious minutes wandering around elevators and trying to get directions from the reception staff.

Do you consider this a good introduction into a meeting with your customers and partners, or would you rather provide a relaxed atmosphere which does not begin with uncertainty and apologies for being late? Signs, stands and banners that effectively guide the visitors are one of the most commonly overlooked influences on the quality of meetings and external visits.

This is particularly important, because people have a very hard time overcoming their first impressions. Remove any negative influences and do your best to effectively guide and inform the visitors though your company.

Business premise equipment

Signs, banners, frames and stands are an integral part of most business premises. They support the displayed products in retail spaces and emphasize their advantages, add to the perceived value of the brand, and promote benefits which help convince customers overcome their reservations before making a purchase.

Signs, stands and banners in offices and other common areas help guide visitors and create a positive image of your company.