POS stands that impact sales

What is the design and content of POS stands that impact sales?


POS stands are a sales tool and not a marketing tool

Retail buyers do not act in the same way as buyers that shop online or choose their products from the display window. Shelves with hundreds of products bombard them with thousands of messages, brands and packaging. They have a limited timeframe to make a purchase, so they focus on their shopping list during their route through the store.

In such an environment, buyers focus on efficiently choosing products. They are looking for products that are recognizable on first sight and do not concentrate on finding the best products. They do not compare hundreds of prices and do not analyze brands. Such a stressful environment drives them to find a specific product - the one they bought on their last visit if they weren't too disappointed with it.

If POS stands are to have any influence on buying decisions, they must fulfil 3 criteria:

  • immediately draw attention with their innovative design,
  • offer and clear and complete presentation of products,
  • draw the buyers into taking the product in their hands.

POS stands are successful if they are able to convince buyers to change their original buying plan and think about buying a product that they're observing from close range.

POS stands must draw attention with their design

Every POS stand must convey brand identity, the product type and current promotional activities. They also must suit the needs of the campaign. Some stands are suitable for short-time presentations while others must withstand environmental influences, hits and dirt for several months.

This is why 3D art offers custom designs of POS stands from different materials that will match the weight and shape of the products displayed as well as the time and environment of their use.

From graphic design to a prototype

Every new POS stand starts its way as a sketch after talking to our partner. This sketch is then used to design a 3D visualization of the stand which offers our customers a way to easily visualize the stand and required changes before we make a prototype or a series of stands which invokes additional expenses:

Prototype and testing

The reactions of visitors to individual POS stands or their message is often hard to predict. Our experts can suggest different reliable approaches based on years of experience, but even minor improvements may bring better sales results, especially in case of larger campaigns over many different retail spaces all over the country.

This is why we recommend building several prototypes in such cases. You can try them in practice before you order a series of stands which will drive sales for a while in different retail locations.

Different materials

See examples of stands from different materials that we recently prepared for different customer needs:

  • cardboard;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • wood.

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