Why do we sell differently than we buy

Can you imagine a salesman knocking on your door one afternoon, offering a dishwasher? Or the gas station attendant asking you to buy a flea collar for your cat along with gasoline?

Both cases are so absurd, I wouldn’t even know what to say to the sellers. When something like that happens, you initially wonder if you’re losing your mind or if that’s not normal, until you tell the story...


Laziness is destroying the reputation of brands

Every visit to the supermarket leaves me surprised at the damage that manufacturers, distributers and vendors do to their own brands - the same brands that invest heaps of resources into branding and advertising.

IBO (Mediana) data shows that 786 million Euro are spent annually on advertising in Slovenia alone. Just to put that in perspective: the smiling faces that try to convince us to buy...


Why do you even attend exhibitions

We are nearing the second half of the summer and steadily approaching autumn, the season when event preparations begin. Exhibitions remain one of the pillars of marketing and building business contacts even for B2B in this digital era, yet they do not seem to be as important to marketing departments.

Exhibition activities are often treated like a rotten egg handed from the sales department...


How we decide what we buy

The study by Said Business School, University of Oxford, shows that buyers follow two patterns in their buying decision process. These patterns are rarely represented on promotional sings and POS stands. Think about your own promotional activities or any activities that you lately noticed in stores, and you will realize that brands communicate with themselves all to often.

2 buyer groups...