Quick guide for organizing a business conference or event

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Most companies have some experience with conferences and seminars. They have either been organizing or attending them for years, since they are a useful way to connect with people from their industry, gain new information and skills, as well as meet with customers and business partners.

Even though conferences offer a host of benefits and opportunities, we often get caught in the routine - we visit and organize them in the same way every time. We collect some business cards, listen to some speeches, eat some finger food, and chat with some acquaintances. How can we stop the routine and truly make the most of conferences?

Time is becoming more and more valuable, so you can't afford to prepare a dull event any more. Any time you have the attention of your partners and the public, you want all their attention on your presentation of your products, services, and the value they bring. The organization and execution of the event must be as intuitive and straightforward as possible, or they're likely to only remember their struggles with finding and attending your event. Appropriate signs, directions and marketing communication at the conference will ensure that the visitors will easily navigate the event and focus on useful content that you have prepared.

See our guide for preparing conferences and seminars, and think about how the tools listed below can help you furnish your conference rooms.


Stands are a multi-purpose marketing tool that has a very special place in preparing conferences and events. They are not only used to present the company along with its services or products, they are also useful to guide and notify attendees.

Have you ever attended an event which had no signs or directions leading you from the entrance to the conference center? Have you ever been in the position where visitors wander around the center, so you had to tape unsightly paper signs on doors and hallways? The feeling of discomfort that such events cause your visitors is an unnecessary distraction. Notify and direct them so they feel you care for them every step of the way.

You can choose among different types of stands:

  • stands for posters,
  • street stands,
  • iPad stands,
  • info stands,
  • table and wall stands,
  • floor stands for brochures,
  • penguin stands,
  • roll-up stands.

How can you use them at conferences?


They offer a clearly visible yet unobtrusive way to show your visitors where the conference or individual lecture will be held. Place stands along the main entrances of the exhibition space and use them to guide visitors on key junctions.

Additional information

Stands can also offer additional information to the attendees, such as the program of the conference, schedule of individual lectures and maybe even short descriptions, or they can simply welcome them to the event.


Stands are still a great marketing tool which can be easily adapted to your needs and motives. You can use them to emphasize posters, magazines, leaflets and other printed materials or choose penguin and roll-up stands that offer great portability which makes them a great tool for exhibitions, conferences and other events.

Advertising flags

Advertising flags are a practical and most of all very noticeable marketing tool. You can adapt them to the event type you are attending and to the placement possibilities. You can choose between large flags or small tabletop flags with custom motives.

Advantages of advertising flags:

  • flags draw attention from afar due to their (lively) colors and sizes as well as height,
  • if you use them outdoors, they will flap in the wind and draw additional attention with their movement,
  • they are an excellent addition to the exhibition space and a great accessory for the lectern or counter,
  • they do not need a lot of space during transport, in conference halls or on the exhibition space.

Big advertising flags

If you decide to use advertising flags to draw attention to your company or brand, you can choose from many different shapes and sizes. Drop, feather or square shaped flags are available in different sizes.

The easily foldable frame of the flag is made from light-weight aluminium which makes it easy to transport and suitable for promoting your company in different events: conferences, fairs as well as promotional and other events.

Small (table top) flags

Small flags are a discrete and unobtrusive way to present your company, brand or products. They usually feature a printed or embroidered logo, but you can choose any motive you want.

Small flags are very practical and useful in conferences which feature a long line of lecturers at the same table, since they clearly identify your company. If there is only one speaker, the flag can be placed on the lectern. You can use these flags for other opportunities and purposes, such as exhibitions and decorating your business premises.


ID cards for the attendees are very important when organizing a conference. They will provide a better overview of everyone's access rights, and make it easier for the attendees to identify the conference organizers. This can be very useful if they need help or are looking to make contact with you.

It is best to use transparent ID badge holders that will protect the badges from minor damage. You can choose different accessories to attach or wear these holders to make them easy to use for the attendees as well as organizers:

  • clip-on ID badge holder which is attached to your clothing,
  • ID badge holder with a cloth strap which can be hanged around the neck,
  • ID badge holder with a pull-out string which enables you to adjust the length of the string that is attached to your clothing.

We also offer separate ID badge holders, so you can purchase the cloth strap separately and add a custom motive to it (name of your company or brand, logo or a similar image).