About us

3D ART d.o.o. is the biggest Slovenian partner of brands and companies that want to improve the presentation of their products and services in the outside world.

We are aware that manufacturers invest a lot of time, money and effort into their products, packaging and advertising. Such products deserve an attractive presentation in all environments, from retail shelves to trade exhibition stands and offices within the company.  We provide a comprehensive range of products and services to our partners. Our customizable retail POS stands, consultation, design and sales of advertising stands, walls and signs as well as the wide range of specialized products will guarantee that our partners' products will get a presentation they deserve.

Julija Maček Julija Maček - funny

Julija Maček, CEO

Miloš Mihajlovič Miloš Mihajlovič - funny

Miloš Mihajlovič, {en:direktor nabave in prodaje, prokurist}

Blaž Podobnik Blaž Podobnik - funny

Blaž Podobnik, {en:vodja prodaje in izvedba zahtevnejših projektov}

Matejka Nabernik Matejka Nabernik - funny

Matejka Nabernik, {en:skrbnica ključnih kupcev}

Matej Peternelj Matej Peternelj - funny

Matej Peternelj, {en:grafični oblikovalec}

Matej Puklavec Matej Puklavec - funny

Matej Puklavec, {en:kreativni vodja}

Damjan Šemrl Damjan Šemrl - funny

Damjan Šemrl, {en:vodja skladišča in montaž}

Jaka Švegelj Jaka Švegelj - funny

Jaka Švegelj, {en:sodelavec v logistiki}